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NJPCL 2021 Preparations

Amjad Khan (amjadh)

Dear NJPCL Family
Hope you are enjoying winter and staying warm and safe. On behalf of NJPCL management just want to update you about 2021 season preparations
  • Just like last year, Covid-19 guidelines from the townships and NJ State officials will be strictly followed
  • League will publish Covid-19 guidelines along with liability forms before the start of the season
  • 2021 season Registration will be tentatively opened from 02/13/2021 – 03/10/2021
  • First 20 teams registered and paid fee will be guaranteed to the 2021 season. Any additional team will be admitted based on the home ground availability
  • NJPCL will require all players wearing team uniform in the league matches. A league authorized vendor will also be available to order uniforms with league logo for teams interested in getting uniform with NJPCL logo
  • 2021 season will be played according to the ICC T20 rules except a one-pager addendum that NJPCL rule committee will published before the start of season
  • We will be accepting new members in extended management committees (rules, disputes, umpiring, etc.) this year. Any team/player interested in joining a committee please contact me/Amjad or Kamran bahi.
NJPCL Management

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