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Get Ready... It's Playoffs Time!!

Kamran Siddique (

Dear NJPCL Family,
Hoping and praying that everyone is safe and healthy.
As we are coming to the end of our first round for 2020 season, NJPCL Management wanted to ensure that all teams are on same page regarding playoffs rules etc.
Players Qualification for Playoffs Participation:
A player must have played at least 3 games during round 1 to qualify to play in playoffs. Rained out games will not count towards the qualification.
Playoffs Umpiring:
QFs: Teams with umpiring duty assigned will be required to send 2 umpires. Please ensure that you send umpires who know the rules and will be confident in making decisions.
Semifinals and Finals: Management will hire qualified paid umpires / management selected qualified umpires for all Semifinal and Final games.
Quarter Finals Round Format:
1. Top 8 teams will qualify for Division 1 playoffs
Division 1 Group A Division 1 Group B
1 2
3 4
5 6
7 8
 2. Teams ranked 9-16 will qualify for Division 2 playoffs
Division 2 Group A Division 2 Group B
9 10
11 12
13 14
15 16
Teams in each group will play round-robin (3 games). Top 2 teams from each group will move into semi-finals. There are no rain days for QFs. Teams will split points if the game is rained out.
Following format for groups in their respective Divisions:
Group A winner will play against Group B runner-up
Group B winner will play against Group A runner-up
Cricclubs rankings will be used for Semifinals rankings... However, if two teams will have same points and same NRR, then the points of the first round will be used to decide the Semifinal qualification / ranking. If even points in round 1 are the same, NRR of round 1 will be used to decide the qualification / ranking.
Semifinals will have one rain day reserved. If second day also rains out, the team with higher ranking based on Semifinal ranking will move into the final.
Finals will have one rain day reserved as well. If second day also rains out, the team with higher ranking based on round 1 ranking will be declared winner.
As we enter the penultimate phase of 2020 season, please do not let your guard down against the invisible enemy. Let’s take all precautions of wearing masks/social distancing for the remainder of the season.
While we play competitive, please keep it friendly. Do not let the heat of the moment drive you to do anything rash. Please involve management if you have any questions about rules rather than arguing it amongst yourselves.
Thank you all for making the 2020 season enjoyable. Good luck everyone!
NJPCL Management

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