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Important News & Changes For This Weekend

Kamran Siddique (

Dear NJPCL Family,

I wanted to share some serious news and actions that NJPCL Management has taken.

We came to know today that one of the Strikers players tested positive for Covid-19. 

11 Spartans and Strikers played this past Saturday.

We spoke with Strikers team management and they are fairly sure that the person who tested positive was fine on Saturday and, based on contact tracing, he contracted the virus on Sunday when he saw his uncle (who was Covid positive).

Most of the Strikers team got tested and, thankfully, all of them tested negative. 11 Spartans instructed their players to get tested as well... results will take 2-4 days. We all pray for their health and well being.

Here are the changes NJPCL is making:

1. 11 Spartans and Strikers games for this coming weekend are cancelled.
2. NJ Stars will pay Jersey Raiders at 12PM at JMS
3. Once we get a signed statement from 11 Spartans and Strikers that all their players have tested healthy, we will schedule their games. They will end up playing two games over one or two weekends.

We want to emphasize that the health and well being of our teammates, our families, and our community is of the paramount importance. It is our moral duty to please follow below instructions religiously:
1. If a team member is sick, please please please ask them to stay home.
2. If a team member has a family member sick, please ask that teammate to stay home.
3. If a team finds out that any of their players have tested positive, in a few days after the game, immediately inform the captain of the team you had played against, umpire, and NJPCL management.

We all love playing cricket... However we love our families, our friends, our teammates, and our community way more than any cricket game. It will be totally immoral and ruthless if someone does not follow the Covid guidelines or hides any conditions that can put others in danger. Please do the right thing!

We want to make sure that we are providing a safe and healthy environment for everyone to participate. If that trust is broken, we will not hesitate to call the season off. It is of paramount importance that we all put SAFETY FIRST!!!. Please DO NOT take this lightly.


NJPCL Management

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